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Wetsuit Wash (150ml)
Wetsuit Wash (150ml)

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Wetsuit Wash Cleans, Preserves, Deodorises your wetsuit and hardware. Handmade in England and specifically designed to be used on wetsuits our Wetsuit Wash is better then any other product on the market. Specifically formulated to neutralise smells you'll never have to put a stinky wetsuit on again. 150ml.

Wetsuit Wash -  The best Wetsuit Shampoo keeping your wetsuit clean and fresh, as well as extending it's life!

Your wetsuit is your best friend. It's what makes it possible to go and enjoy hours of cold water watersports and if looked after properly it can last for a seriously long time. The key to making it last a long time is by using a decent wetsuit wash. Wetsuit cleaner can not only lift the dirt, oil and grime that works its way deep into the neoprene, but also condition your wetsuit extending its useable life massively.

Our Wetsuit Wash has been carefully designed using a combination of science and experience. The team here at the wetsuit cleaning HQ have litereally thousands of hours experience being in the water and using wetsuits, so we knew exactly what we need to make sure that our suits stay clean and effective.