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Makani Fins Piranha side
Makani Fins Piranha side


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Makani Piranha Side:

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PIRANHA V2: Pure Wave Adaptive G-10 windsurfing fin

AREA: 100-110-121-147 cm2

The new version of our Piranha fin is the result of our efforts to produce a wave fin that is incredibly efficient in harsh conditions. The extensive work we put on making the first version with the humpback wave bumps made us rethink fin design. Thus we kept expanding on the idea of the bumps but due to problems with accumulation of weeds or other residu on the leading edge of the fin we decided to remove them and keep only the rib part of the bumps on the fin.

We are now presenting you the V2 version. The fast and thin profile of the fin makes a very fast fin with very little drag so it fits well the modern new wave boards. The added ribs on the fin helps control the flex of the fin to keep the upper part stiff and lets the tip flex when pressured in the turns. It also gives the fins control in the choppy onshore conditions. So you have a more direct feel and a more responsive ride.

So in the end The PIRANHA v2 is a super fast fin that drives you upwind, make you turn on a dime, jump like a rocket and ride like a pro ! The perfect wave fin for every kind of waves the Ocean can offer.

Louis (designer): "Starting with the HB, then the PIRANHA and now the PIRANHA V2. There is no way I could have designed this 3D CAD fin without learning a lot from the previous ones. The PIRANHA V2 is the accomplishment of our Humpback whale concept. No compromise in this line ... fast, manoeuvrable with lots of lift. "