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MFC K300 Wave
MFC K300 Wave

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MFC K300 Quad:

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Kauli Seadi opened the door to the modern era of wavesailing, combining powerful rail to rail turns with freestyle maneuvers off the lip. Needing a fin to meet his new style, the K300 was born. Over the last 3 seasons the K300 setup has been refined and approved by the MFC team for their unique ability to handle you pushing as hard as possible on the bottom without releasing, while still being snappy off the top. A straight leading edge entry gets you upwind and to the peak even in less than ideal wind conditions, and helps the set to crossover and perform in side-on conditions as well as side-off. The 9cm side fins hold grip even at extremely high speeds thanks to reduced drag from a thinner foil profile, while the size range for the back provide the grip you need depending on the size of you and your board.

Quad fins are sold in pairs of two fins (center/rear sets) and (side/front sets).