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2023 Exocet RF Foil Carbon
2023 Exocet RF Foil Carbon

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Exocet RF Foil:

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71 • 81 • 85 • 91 • 100


The RF Foils have been developed for a single objective: to perform in all conditions and on all types of course in competition or in freerace / Slalom Foil navigation.
Their unique shape combines a relatively flat deck plan and an optimized volume distribution to facilitate the take-off of the foil while gently absorbing any touches during loss of flight. The positioning of the foil box guarantees very fast take-off over a very short distance. Its unique shape allows it to be adapted to all types of foils while making the flight more stable, comfortable but also more efficient.
The new 85 and 91 v3 push the concept validated by the previous generation even further:
An increase in volume on the front of the board to rebound when touching and allow the foil to naturally put itself in a positive impact for the take-off. A slightly curved deck plan on the nose to neutralize the upwind at counter-heel and upwind. A lowered mast foot rail for better control and to bring the foot edge of the sail closer to the deck.
The deck plan has been modified underfoot for more comfort and less stress on the foil (better glide), without reducing control.
The front foot higher than the rear foot allows permanent power and control over the foil, even in light airs. It also allows for easier placement of the feet when jibing, with a board that naturally stays in the air.

// RF 85 and RF 91 v3 developed for race-racing and slalom foil
// Foil box set back as far as possible combined with a distribution of volume which boosts the departure to the planning in ultra-light conditions.
// Unique bridge shape positioning the front foot higher than the rear foot: this promotes control, gives power, but also makes jibing disconcertingly easy.
// Volume placed in front of the mast foot to promote take-off.
// Mast foot lowered.
// 4 ultra light Exocet footstraps with integrated antitwist.