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2021 Simmer 3XS G5
2021 Simmer 3XS G5

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Simmer 3XS:

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Designed by the legendary Italian shaper Aurelio Verdi who has over 20 years experience designing market leading slalom boards. In the past 5 years his boards have won more Mens PWA Slalom Titles than any other shaper. The Simmer 3XS features some radical shaping concepts to provide a perfect balance between control extreme acceleration and top-end speed. All necessary to win any slalom race. The outline is crafted to give to the board maximum control in all conditions. With a step tail configuration the 3XS jibes extremely smoothly and re-starts quickly while also maintaining control in high speeds. The outline becomes more parallel towards the middle to keep a wider nose which is important to generate early planing.


  • Concave from tail to nose with small double concave between the foot and mast truck
  • Narrow outline with rounded tail make faster and easy to jibe
  • No concave in the deck
  • More drawn out scoop line in the nose in compared with the 96 for maximum speed.
  • Longer length for higher straight forward speed.
  • Superb stability with no need for cut outs.
  • V from tail to nose with a subtle double concave.
  • Parallel outline with a rounded tail to make the boards really efficient.
  • Deck concave more forward focused than other boards because the concave is in balance with the flat section of the rocker curve in the bottom.
  • Deck concave for stiffness and added control.
  • Due the to rocker line and deck concave the 96 has a longer rail in the water, which effectively makes the boards faster with more control.
  • Less tail cut-out on the 96 L to create a balanced lift in all conditions.

106 L and 116 // MEDIUM WIND

  • Progressive V-hull, with a climax of the V at the middle.
  • Parallel rails in the middle of the outline for maximum speed and a narrow tail for smooth gibing and high top-end speed.
  • Deck concave for stiffness and added control.
  • The deck concave from the front foot.
  • Less section of flat rocker compared to the 96 L, this means that the rails and the tail start to work earlier.
  • Dual level cut-out in tail.
  • Less surface in the water even thou the outline is wider outline for earlier planing.
  • The cut-out also allow the rider transfer all the power possible into the tail without loosing control

126 L and 136 // LIGHT WIND

  • Shorter and wider than the smaller sizes.
  • Scoop line if flat from tail to front foot, then a smooth curve to the nose.
  • V-shape begins at cut-outs with a climax at the center with a deep V.
  • Extremely early planing.
  • Small winger before back foot to help exit from gybes in full speed.
  • Depp dual cut-out for water release.

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